X29 Specifications - A Sampling of the Specifications

All doors will be functional. Tack boards will be a separate casting to maintain prototypical. Doors will be painted on both sides. The Merchandise Service version of the X29 will have the white stripe through the door as did the original.
August, 04 Update: We followed the PRR drawings so closely in regards to the doors and guides that it was impossible to make them function reliably. They are soldered shut. Trust me, we tried to make them work.

The floors will be painted black inside and outside. The truck screws will be accessible from the outside. The car body will be attached to the floor with four screws which will also be black.

August, 04 Update: We followed the PRR drawings so closely that it was not possible to have the floor separate from the top. Also, during the X29 project it was determined that the car floor was actually painted the same color as the rest of the car. So we followed the prototype.

Draft Gear
The draft gear will be attached to the car body of all cars to match the color of the car. The floor will be closely notched to fit around the draft gear and continue up to the centersill to complete the frame. All external details will match the original. The draft gear will support a Kadee #802 coupler. A special casting designed by Bill Lane is being used to make the draft gear more prototypical.

The trucks for the X29 freight will be PRR 2D-F8 and the passenger equipped X29 will be 2D-F19. The 2D-F8 will be sprung and have a cast bolster. It will include such prototypical details as visible brake shoes, casting information on the sideframes. The 2D-F19 will have some form of equalization as well as the same details of the 2D-F8 where applicable. Axles will be pointed for free rolling and insulated from the wheels. The wheels and axles will be stainless steel. All trucks will be painted black.

All hoses including the steam lines will have a piece of short rubber hose to help prevent possible shorts. The hose tips will be painted the equivalent of flat silver or aluminum. All visible chains will be proportionate to actual size.

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