G26 Specifications - A Sampling of the Specifications

Draft Gear
The draft gear will be attached to the car body of all cars to match the color of the car. The floor will be closely notched to fit around the draft gear and continue up to the centersill to complete the frame. All external details will match the original. The draft gear will support a Kadee #802 coupler.

Drop Ends
The G26 features drop ends. We are going to attempt to fabricate a functioning drop end. If our attempts fail, two sets of end castings will be made. One casting will be in the upright position and the other in a dropped position. This will allow you to interchange the drop end castings.

July, 05 Update:The factory was able to fabricate a functioning drop end. It works very well and they're removable.

The trucks for the G26 will be PRR 2D-F8 and National B. The 2D-F8 and National B will be sprung and have a cast bolster. They will include such prototypical details as visible brake shoes and brake rigging. Axles will be pointed for free rolling and insulated from the wheels. The wheels and axles will be stainless steel. All trucks will be painted black.

All hoses will have a piece of short rubber hose to help prevent possible shorts. The hose tips will be painted the equivalent of flat silver or aluminum. All visible chains will be proportionate to actual size.

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