The X29 Delivery Schedule

The X29 has been a long time coming!!!

All of the X29 versions have arrived. We have unpacked them all and have inspected them. Two versions will end up going back to China for revision. The remainder are being painted. All of the REA cars have been painted and several other versions have been started.

We are awaiting decals which should arrive the week of July 11th. We will then decal as many cars as possible before the convention. Once we return from the convention, we will begin to ship cars to customers as we complete them.

July 18, 05 Update: Decals arrived, but quality is not up to our standards. We are currently negotiating with our decal vendor to rerun them. The B&O decals were correct and will be affixed to the cars over the next few weeks.

March 04, 07 Update: Finishing up the X29 decals along with the G26 decals. We are hoping to have the approved artwork to our decal manufacturer by the end of April.

August 05, 08 Update: Most X29s purchased are in the hands of their owners. If you think you have a deposit with us for an X29, please email us. It has been over 8 years since this project was started so it is possible that we missed someone. There are a few X29s that have become available due to customers moving on from trains or now in another scale. The Merchandise Service scheme has not been produced as it requires some interesting preparation, painting and decaling. It is our plan to start these cars in September. All other schemes have been produced and shipped.

We can't thank you enough for your patience...

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