PRR Steam Engine Decals

After years of doing without, PRR Steam Engine Decals are available once again. This set is not a rerun of an old set, the information included represents the last era of PRR steam.

There are 75 canned ready to use numbers with corresponding headlight and back of cab decals. Each number was chosen after days of research reviewing Pennsy photo collections and books. If you have the Edson roster you will see that almost all were running rather late in steam, and had a connection with the PRSL and/or the Philadelphia area. There are some hopeful PRR steam class numbers on the sheet, you never know what can happen in S scale! And lastly the color has been PRR guru approved.

The cost for two sheets, enough to easily decal two locomotives, is $15.00. If interested in purchasing a set of steam decals, please email us your address and we will mail out an order form or download the order form NOW in Adobe Acrobat format.

If you do not have or are unfamiliar with Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit The reader is free and is downloadable from their site.

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