All Box Cars Are Committed At This Time...

Limited Production
Only 80 G26 gondolas will be made! Where necessary, four numbers will be produced per car body/paint scheme.

Price Structure
- 1 to 2 cars - $250.00 each
- 3 to 4 cars - $240.00 each
- 5 to 9 cars - $230.00 each

Payment Schedule
In order to make the purchase of the G26 easier, we are offering a payment schedule. The first payment should accompany your order form, please enclose $100.00 for each car being purchased. When the cars ship from China, the remainder will be due. We will send out an announcement when they ship from China.

Full Payment in Advance
For those with extra means, you may deduct an additional $10.00 per G26 if full payment is sent with your order form.

Shipping Costs
The cost to ship one G26 gondola is $10.00, this includes insurance to cover potential damage. Additional gondolas on the same order will cost $8.00 each.

6% Pennsylvania Sales Tax
If you live in the State of Pennsylvania, you must add 6% sales tax to your order. The 6% tax should be calculated prior to adding the shipping costs.

Non-Refundable Payments
All payments sent to Pennsy S Models are non-refundable. If for some reason the project is cancelled all monies will be returned to you.

If interested in purchasing an G26, please email us your address and we will mail out an order form or download the order form NOW in Adobe Acrobat format.

If you do not have or are unfamiliar with Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit The reader is free and is downloadable from their site.

Customer CornerPlease take a closer look at our models at work...

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