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Pennsylvania Steam Decals now available...
After years of doing without, PRR Steam Decals are available again. The set is not a rerun of an old set, the information included represents the last era of PRR steam. There are 75 canned ready to use numbers with corresponding headlight and back of cab decals. If interested in more information, please click here...

Archbar Trucks now available...
Originally developed by Bill Lane for sale by S Helper Service. The trucks are now being offered by Pennsy S Models.  Use them straight up if modeling the early 1900s or put them on your maintenance away equipment if modeling the transition era and later.  The cost is $35.00 per set and comes with everything for you to produce one pair of trucks.  If interested, please send us an email or if ready to order, please fill out the order form here and mail it to us along with your payment.

Why has PSM been so quiet, nothing new announced?
Although we have not offered a new model in years, Bill and I are still very active in S scale and always looking for the next possible project.  Our lives have changed dramatically, for the good, so bringing in models unpainted and undecorated is no longer an option.  We have explored various freight cars projects in brass, urethane, etc., but the cost and quantity that our scale can accommodate makes it difficult to do a freight car project.  We are still looking and when something makes sense, we will let you know.

Thank you for your continued patronage.  If at anytime you have questions about Pennsy S Models or our projects, please don't hesitate to email us.

Customer CornerPlease take a closer look at our models at work...

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